Sunday, February 20, 2011

Книга Букв (The Book of Letters)

While surfing on we love typography I've spotted some interesting images of cyrillic wood type. Apparently those images are coming from an exhibition in Moscow called 'Книга Букв' (The Book of Letters). It has been orginized by designers Maxim Gurbatov & Anna Tsjaikovskaya.
In this exhibition there are texts and images. But the images of this book are to read and the text - to watch. Here is the story told by authors: "Once upon a time we stumbled upon wood characters. They were laying on the dusty pavement near the gates leading into the printing house. For us, to found a dozen of old wooden letters was like to become an owner of map that leads to the Treasure Island. So the letters hunt had began! It became immediately clear that in Moscow there was nothing to find. So we brought six bags of letters by truck from the printing house of the 'Pravda Severa' newspaper, from Archangelsk. We orginized this exhibition because we wanted to show that letters are beautiful, they combined art, technology and literature, and if their service in the printing industry is over, then their place is in the art.'

exhibition is open from 16 to 28 februari at 'Mars' Gallery, Moscow (map)

I wish I was there…

click here for more pictures

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