Thursday, February 17, 2011

Almost Extinct

'D' is for duck

'Z' is for zebra

Just came across this lovely project by Almost Extinct.

'Back in the day wood and metal type revolutionised the creative industries. With the introduction of new technology many type houses now face extinction. Today it is easy for anyone to manipulate typefaces and design layouts.
'Almost Extinct’ is a project that seeks to rediscover this ‘craft’. The idea is to source leading experts in this field to help design and print an alphabet of animals without the use of a computer. Some of the designs require many passes of the printing press with letters at various angles. Others require overprinting with a precise weight of ink. All of them require the sourcing of the perfect wood or metal letters, that should ideally suit the scale of the animal.' Once they will have all the animals they will hold an exhibition of prints with the sourced letters that were used next to them.

Looking forward to see more typo-animals:)

read more about the project

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