Sunday, March 20, 2011

Memory game

"Built Icons" memory game is a wonderful result of craftmanship of Marcel Gohring from Druckwerk printing studio in Basel. This game box includes 48 letterpress printed cards (each card is designed using wood and metal ornaments) and a folder with impressive photos of lock-outs (I can imagine how time-consuming it might have been). The entire box is available for purchase here. On my wish list!

found via letterology

This type illustrations slightly reminds me of work by Almost Extinct.


small caps said...

Love that!
I wish I had more bits and pieces to make pictures like this :) Thanks for sharing, on my wishlist too!

Armina said...

You welcome!

I think I would never dare to play with these cards:) It's a truly collectors item for me.

small caps said...

Ha ha, you're right. I would maybe frame them as a poster... :)


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