Monday, July 26, 2010

Gentse Feesten 2010

Gentse Feesten is a 10-days music festival with a large variety of events (not only musical) all over the city Ghent. The printing part of MIAT musem organized something special too. This year' task was to typeset and print a newspaper ''De Feestgazette' using printing machines available at the museum. The idea of printing the newspaper at the museum came from a very young but promising writers collective - StampMedia.
Here is the way how it worked in practise - the young journalists wrote an article (about festival), it was send via a computer to Linotype to produce lines of text, then it was typesetted, printed, corrected and the next day it was printed (1000ex) and distributed around the city. To speed up the process one side of the newspaper was already printed a week before on offset press (at the museum). The volunteers putted a lot of time and effort to get everything perfect and the result was incredible, I loved the way it looked!

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