Thursday, July 29, 2010

Gentse Feesten 2010. Type experiment

The printing area has been renovated recently, but still, it is not easy to find the material needed: the boxes with wooden type are not always accesible or types are not complete. So I thought to use everything I could find at the moment: wooden type, metal & wood ornaments, etc, and try to 'make' words from these elements. So I 'assembled' the sentence, run some tests, saw some mistakes (words 'stick with it' are too heavy, 'd' from 'and' looks awkward etc) and decided to change the composition to make it more dynamic. But this will be work for next week;)

1 comment:

molly said...

super fun project to get into: grab what's near, make it work. i find i do that in the studio, bring it home, and say to RK 'some of these work, some of them are too weird to be seen outside of you & me'. i still love to make them all, don't you?


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