Sunday, April 18, 2010

MIAT. Poster

The poster is announcing the activity of priting group at 25 of april - The Heritage Day. The thema of this year is 'Fake' and all museums in Flanders & Brussels are organizing numerous activities. It is absolutely free.

For some reasons, by combining 2 colors - yellow & blue, I didnt get the third one -green. I assume the blue was too dark and I've been using too much ink. The paper I used wasn't of the high quality, which also might have play a rol in this 'color' issue. Well, now I know what I would be doing next week :)


jax said...

Ink has a mind of its own :)
Will look good when you have the right blue, it may be my screen but the yellow looks a bit orange which will effect the green as well,

Great work :)

Armina said...

Thanks for the tips!
I was in need of somebody with experience today, but found myself all alone at the workshop:)

Yes, true, the yellow is a bit orange. I think I should look up for lighter yellow and lighter blue if I want to achieve green.

thanks again!

ward zwart said...


Armina said...


p.s. btw. Proficiaat met de 'Thumb Wars'! Ik ga zeker komen kijken.


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