Saturday, February 06, 2010

Kwintessens. Publication

The year 2010 started quiet good for me;). Recently I got mentioned in the Kwintessens magazine. This article, 'Printing ink, machine oil and stained fingers', reveal the history of the reach collection of the museum and announcing the (re)opening of the printing departement in 27 februari 2010 (where I am a volonteer).
(some 'work in progress' pictures here)

Jump in if you are in Gent!

opening at 27.02.2010
Museum voor Industriële Archeologie en Textiel,
Minnemeers 9,
9000 Gent,Belgium


ward zwart said...

nice blog you have here...are you a student from sint lucas gent? (like me)

Armina said...


I love your work (found it via flickr).

Yes, I am(was) from Sint lucas. I graduated last year as a graphic designer and now I work onder the name 'Form Apparatus' ( Occasionally I do some letterpress printing at the miat museum (to do not stare on my computer screen all day:)


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