Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Offf 2009. Day 2. PES

I was looking forward to see the presentation of Adam Pesapane, known as PES. He makes incredible stop-motion animations for commercial and non commercial purposes by using the most simple objects, such as a nuts or anyhting you can find in the house. These quality of these animations could only be achieved by a lot of work and attention to details. He showcased some old works, as a Roof sex, some new ones as Western Spaghetti and told stories behind the scenes. He spoke about technique used in his animations, told that the concepts for his commercial works are never his own and that he never been specifically interested in this genre. It is just happened to be stop-motion. The story behind the Roof sex animation was quiet personal and funny. Apparently those two sofas where standing in the room for special occasions in the house where Adam grew up. He was almost never allowed to sit on it, but when he moved out he got these sofas as a gift. So what whould these sofas do when they finally got their freedom? - Roof sex!

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