Sunday, May 24, 2009

Offf 2009. Day 2. Aaron Koblin

Since I have been busy with data visualization myself (as a master degree project), a lecture of digital visualizer Aaron Koblin was an absolutely must see for me. I have already seen him a couple of years before, at OFFF 06, where I saw the sheep market project for the first time.
At the lecture of this year he presented a variety of new projects (does he ever sleep?), for instance Flight patterns, where he mapped live flight data (141,000 airplanes) over North America - “here we can see different life patterns with different airports” he explaned. He spoke about the difficulties to access the real data, "thinking about the data and not the real world", about data "as a pollution of the information age", but I especcially liked this one - "data tells stories about our lives". Well, I couldn't agree more.

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