Thursday, May 21, 2009

Offf 2009. Day 1. Neville Brody

Make trouble.
The festival started with a special opening act by Neville Brody who gave a lesson of humanity and consious/deep thinking. He began his presentation by showing how the graphic design looked before, using examples of russian constructivists as Rodchenko. He spoke about the forgotten words like revolution, progress, taking the risk etc.
As introduction of his own works he showed a projects made for Kenzo, Issey Miyake etc. His newest challenge was to redesign "The Times" newspaper without beeing noticed ("The Times" has changed his original size and became smaller). He designed 10 different templates for cover, designed typeface (Times Modern), made the layout look softer by changing the size of letters from 6pt to 5pt and introduced more graphic illustrations to make it look more dramatic and dynamic. "Looks the same - feels different" says Neville Brody.
While telling about this project he mentioned about a "need of limitation for graphic designers (otherwise we are artists and not graphic designers)". Well, I can agree with that.

Future looks worse then present. Do something new! conclude Neville Brody.
standing ovation

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