Saturday, May 16, 2009

Film poster. Day 3

Well, today was "the printing day" and I did some test prints by using just black ink. Next week I plan to make some changes in composition and print it in 2 colors.


Hijiri said...

AMAZING!!! wow.

Armina said...

Thank you Hijiri!

this a first "test" print, and I am thinking to make some changes in composition. So next week I will come up with something new ;)


Anonymous said...

looks nice armina.... second picture is lovely
You plan to add more color?


Armina said...

thanx Tim!
well, yes, I plan to print it in two colors (I don't know if it will work), to have more contrast. But first of all I need to make some changes in composition, because some part are too heavy. But this is for next wek;)



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